Led Zeppelin 2014 New Album “χυμεία3” why the mystery?

30 09 2012

Led Zeppelin has been in the news recently and there is a new album that has been released, or actually a few singles from the album.

3 singles so far.  The title track “χυμεία3”, “One Eye Son of Man” and “528 Nothing”.

To begin with I was really excited about this when I heard there was a possible album being released, but even more so when I found out that this was an accumulation of many songs, and pieces of songs that Plant and Page had been working on for many years. The reason I say I was even more excited is because when a band has material from many different times and phases, it comes across as an eclectic mixture of many styles, and listening to the 3 tracks, this one reminds me of Led Zeppelin 2 and 3, Houses of the Holy, Presence, and Physical Graffiti, which just so happen to be my number one favorite albums in the world.


By Natalia Robert-Nunez
Led Zeppelin has been trying to put out a 2013 album of entirely unreleased material left over from their glory days. Go ahead and-re-read that line, because I know your 14-year-old self just squealed a little.
The album, which Zeppelin had originally tried to release in 2012, has been recorded over the past 12 years, and written over the past thirty. Therefore, the material of the album is the rightful property of a handful of people prominent throughout the band’s life. Jimmy Page initially tried to cut a deal, giving up his share to Bain Corporation for investment in the album. Page then wanted to give some rights to John Paul Jones. In the end it seems like Page lost track of his filing cabinet, because when the album was ready to be released, they discovered fifty percent of the rights belonged to Page, fifty percent to Jones, fifty percent to the producer, and the last fifty percent belonged to Bain Corporation. Where is Page’s agent in this? No one really knows, but, regardless, Bain Corporation responded by storming into court, dragging the musicians in chains behind them and the producer prancing along in tow.
The Royal Courts of Justice – surprise! – sided with Bain Corporation and passed over the label and releasing rights. Their joint label, Jakauppa, still works with Page on the new material and have, with Jones’ permission, begun working on releasing the album again. χυμεία3, or chemistry3, as a Greek will tell you, is the title of Zeppelin’s would-be 16th album.
Fortunately for us, Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin, and have therefore found a way to work with Jakauppa throughout this whole kerfuffle to release three genre-crossing singles.
χυμεία3, their first single release, has a beautiful harpy folk feeling that gracefully meshes into classic Led Zeppelin lyrics and free-sounding electric guitar. This one is by far my favorite, with a little bit of sweet nostalgia for “Over the Hills and Far Away”, and a little bit of fresh new wave melody. Words are not quite adequate to describe this song, so I advise you to give this one a listen.
“One Eye Sun of Man” sounds a bit as though the Smiths, Pink Floyd, and a seizuring cat all had a baby and birthed it in the recording studio. Jazzy, consistent percussion, psychedelically fading vocals and some groovy guitar riffs make this the most happily confusing of the three releases. In comparison with “528 Nothing”, the third new single, and a lot of Zeppelin’s later work, it is quite upbeat. “528 Nothing” is even more reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s trippy style, complete with chiming guitar plucks and what I like to call bungee-cord singing (just imagine someone bungee jumping while singing and you’ll get it).
Plant’s absence from the project is obvious when you realize that the last two songs lack his crisp vocals, causing the lyrics to get completely lost. This is sad, really, but it lends the music a little more to artistic interpretation. It is not too reminiscent of the catchy rock and roll that made Led Zeppelin a household name with songs like “Black Dog” or “Immigrant Song”, but it does seem to have the delicate aspect of “Stairway to Heaven” that has induced so many (Led Zeppelin) love affairs.
All of the singles represent a gorgeous psychedelic earthy haze that takes me on a bit of a trip through Zeppelin’s discography. Surprisingly, it doesn’t sounds as outdated as one might think, although I could see the synthesizer sounds making some indie kids cringe. Honestly, I can’t help but notice the parallels between progressive boundary-crossing music that is being created today. Let’s face it – if bands like Foals, MGMT, or Animal Collective started making music like this, people would be climbing over themselves to get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Boston, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Rare Earth, Grand Funk, James Gang, Van Halen, and too many to name, but to me Led Zeppelin is the epitome of 70’s rock n’ roll, and the 70’s in my humble opinion was THE best years in rock n roll, ( Zep, Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull, the Who) need I say more?

Before I get to the review of each song, I want to post some information here that I found out through some research.

This album known as “χυμεία3” has been held up by the courts.

From what I can gather there was a producer involved who owned some of the rights on the album. The contract stipulated that the producer was going to have rights to certain songs, or 50 % rights of some songs. Led Zeppelins former album had nothing to do with financing this record so they owned nothing from the album, and so to avoid any legal hassle the album was released as Led Zeppelin 2012 and not just Led Zeppelin.

However there was a lawsuit anyways which the courts made go daddy take down the domain known as ledzeppelin2012 and it was help up in courts again.

Both Jimmy ad Robert Plant have refused to mention the album, even though both have spoken about its development for several years now through various sources and interviews.

This was because Robert didn’t like his vocal tracks which were mixed by the producer, who used no affects sometimes, and also because other musicians were brought in, unknowns that Jimmy had discovered looking through youtube videos. Originally John Paul Jones was going to play on the album and he did, but the bass and organ parts were re-mixed and there were bass parts added and other keyboards, so John Paul Jones also dropped out and made no mention of it either on his web-site because he did not own any rights to the music and without a tour he would make no profit from it, only more Zeppelin fans purchasing the new Led Zeppelin 2013 music album, and not purchasing the albums separately from each of their own personal web-sites.

Jimmy Page is selling several albums on his site none of which are worth mentioning, and Robert Plant has taken an extreme turn from the Led Zeppelin style and sound, some for better but again much for worse. Nothing is like the “Zeppelin Sound”, which raises the question; why?

Music experts explain it like so; They say take the Beatles, they each went their separate ways, yet not one of them could write and produce songs like they did when they were together.
Take even “Yesterday” one of the most played songs on the radio ever, and greatest songs voted so by most everyone, yet Paul on his own could only write about silly “rabbits on the run”.

Led Zeppelin was a mixture of 4 different individuals, but each individual. The input from each one of them however, to make the “whole” is what makes magic within a “group”.

There is feedback, give and take, and a lot of listening and developing the songs, which is what happened on this unique album that took over 12 years to complete.

This is what I know from a VERY reliable source, and let me reiterate on the word when I say “reliable” where on the internet nothing is reliable.

The internet has EVERYTHING,  but….not everything can be accessed by just anyone.

Record companies are run by big time executives that live in mansions in the skys in Bevery Hills, to the Hamptons, and they could care less about whether you know them or not, they care about making money for their respective companies. These people also like us, do not talk on phones, they use the internet, but this is NOT facebook my friends, this is one of those sites where if you type something in a WHITE PAGE appears and says “FORBIDDEN”. Ever wonder what those are? Well the one my friend “hacks” yes “hacks” into is one where the record executives and a@r people talk music, business and the ugly side of business. You cannot find it, you and I cannot “join” BUT you can “hack into” if you know how, so I would say that is what I call “reliable”.

There is some very very long conversations going on about this album between a lot of people in this “hacked forum”.
I cannot repost “exact conversation” due to tracking etc, BUT I can tell you what I found out through the site and these are from the people who own and control.

The producer is said to be from England ( yes there is a name and I cannot say here) and is a friend of Robert Plants, yet somehow they were not happy with the engineering, in that some of the songs were recorded on computers, when both Jimmy and Robert were traveling and on tour. There was tracks that were split, and some were cut and spliced, because of imperfections on the tracks, yet the songs could not be rerecorded on reduplicated because the drums had already been laid down.

The label that is releasing the album is called “ja kauppa” and the investment company who owns the rights now is an extremely large corporation called Bain Capitol.
It is said that Jimmy Page had owed a substantial amount of money to the company and failed to produce an album for them under contract for over 15 years.

Jimmy had promised the company that Robert and John Paul Jones would play on the album, but the terms and agreements were written and dated, and the time had passed long ago for Jimmy to make good on his side of the contract, so instead he promised the company some rights to songs he played for them that he had been working on with Robert, and then they drew up a new contract, but it didn’t include any rights to be given to Robert Plant or John Paul Jones. When both found out, it was too late however and so now Jimmy was stuck with an unfinished project ( about 95%) and no band to do a tour which he said he could get the other members to do.

Bain threatened to sue, and so did Led Zeppelins Atlantic label, so Jimmy made a deal, and gave the rights to the producer, so that his name would not be attached to the project, only as a writer and arranger. Bain gave even more time to Jimmy to try to secure a tour and album , but by that time Robert Plant had gone his way and went to tour with his own band.
Jimmy left alone with the project now had to finish the album to his best abilities, and asked John Paul Jones to come back to finish the album and he did, however he wanted more rights, and Jimmy gave them to him, however, there was too many rights given 50% to Bain, 50% to Jimmy, 50% to John Paul Jones, and 50% to the producer.

Bain became “ja kauppa” and somehow sustained more of the rights providing the broken contracts that Jimmy had caused to the Royal Courts and so based on this, the courts sided with Bain, and said the albums singles could be released one by one until the producer gets “his share of fair compensation” based upon; what would be considered reasonable sales and figures based on the last 3 Led Zeppelin albums.

The contract stipulates that once the producer gets his cut, then Bain is next, and then the album is released to Jimmy to do as he wants provided it is still released on the “ja kauppa” album.

There are rumors ( and they are only rumors) that “ja kauppa” is a firm owned by the Rockefeller’s and that Jimmy was indebted to the Rockefellers who invested a lot of money in the band in the 1970’s.

( Rockefellers owned Atlantic Records at one time)

As of September 7th 2012 the Royal Courts of Justice ruled in favor of the private investment firm and independent record label filed as “ja kauppa” who is listed as “executive producer” as the album known as “χυμεία3”. The Royal Courts of Justice also ruled that under the Copyright Code 153B-20 this Copyright Act releases all musical rights to Bain Capitol who will decide how the album will be released and under what label.


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